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VML Services

Immediate Full Collection.  Collection action begins immediately. One VML collector is assigned to work all accounts and to report with details of developments on all claims placed.

Legal Forwarding.  Local collection attorney relationships are maintained through our certification by the Commercial Law League of America. Collection fees are contingent upon collection with no suits filed unless authorized with court costs advanced by you.

Free Final Demand Service. A VML Final Demand notice sent establishes a deadline for payment. There is no charge if the account is paid on or before the deadline. VML will call on the deadline date for authorization to proceed with collection.

Pre-Collection Letters. A series of letters on VML letterhead are sent demanding payment or a satisfactory response. Cost is determined by the number of letters sent per month.

Accounts Receivable Management. VML will make collection calls in your company name. You pay a monthly charge determined by the number of accounts worked each month.

Experian Credit Reports. Select from four different reports, each designed to help you evaluate potential credit risk and aid in collection strategy by clicking on the following link SmartBusinessReportsTM

Credit Inquiry. A free service to our clients in which the VML debtor database is accessible to determine current or previous experience.

Educational Services. VML assists companies in the evaluation and review of their credit and collection procedures.



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PO Box 1829, Holland, Michigan 49422
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