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Our Invitation

In 1967, Voss, Michaels, Lee and Associates ("VML") made a commitment to provide the finest professional collection management services available in the industry. This commitment was reconfirmed in 1994 when the company set forth the following mission statement:

VML will provide the most professional, effective, and versatile commercial collection services available, while maintaining a published rate schedule amongst the most competitive in the industry.

Operating with the 1967 commitment and this mission statement as our basic principles, VML has experienced substantial growth in its commercial collection clientele. This clientele covers virtually all industries and geography.

At the foundation of VML's operation is its "one-on-one" relationship between collection analyst and client. Along with occasional contact from VML's sales or legal staff, the personal primarily accountable for the relationship between company and client is the individual collection analyst.


The collection staff, in the aggregate, represents  in excess of 250 years experience in the commercial collection industry. Even more impressively, over 75 percent of the experience has been with VML.

Good results, timely reporting, and low collection costs has resulted in stable, long-term client relationships. We suggest you closely check our references; we are confident you will find our clientele to be highly satisfied with the services provided by VML.

We encourage you to learn why so many companies have come to us for the solution to their collection and cash flow problems. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-253-4646 or to discuss the application of our
services with your company. We look forward to working with you and assisting in these difficult situations.


Voss, Michaels, Lee & Associates, Inc.
PO Box 1829, Holland, Michigan 49422
Phone 800-253-4646 - Fax 616-355-7284